Moving Abroad

Trust Us with New Beginnings

Moving to a new country can be quite stressful on its own. Imagine the stress of shifting all of your life in another new country which you know nothing about. Let us help you and save you from all the wasted money and from potential risk of losing your stuff or any other mishaps. We have partnered with multiple countries and with their help we ensure that the entire moving process is smooth and quick.

Information on the country

The first thing you will need is information about the country that you are moving to. Our global-alliance with huge companies makes it easy for us to give you facts and figures of the country that you are moving to. Everything about their transportation will the mail offices, we will be guiding you through the process that you choose to take up when it comes to your moving.

International packing and moving

If you are planning to move somewhere in Europe, we can transport your luggage via road due to our alliances all across Europe. We have modern vehicles and skilled drivers who will take care of your belongings. We have put our trust in New wave training school when it comes to hiring professional drivers for moving services. The process of international packing and moving goes pretty much the same way like home moving and business moving only with the exception of transporting it in another country.


If are moving in another continent, you might need your stuff to be shipped to where you are. In that case we ensure exceptional packaging that is ready to be shipped and ship your entire luggage on industry competitive rates with no hidden charges involved. We ship from here and you receive your luggage as it is from there without any breakage. We insure all of our shipping material just in case something bad happens.

Additional information

We are always happy to provide you additional services about emigration and currency exchange when you are in a new country. We understand how hard it can be in a new place having to discover everything from scratch. We recommend you stay in touch with us for our services and our team will always be more than happy to provide you assistance related to moving or any kind of storage.