Business Moving

Moving Your Business With Excellence

We are equipped and well prepared to move a small team of 5 people till a huge team of 500 people with excellence when it comes to moving your business from one place to another. Not only within the country but we provide such services abroad as well. We ensure to stay well organised and efficient throughout the process so we are able to fulfil our client’s requirements.

Office moving

Depending on the size of the team, the office equipment varies. You don’t have to worry about anything because we have moved offices with teams as large as 2000 employees. Our staffs are extremely careful when it comes to packing and transporting your office equipment like screens, printers, desks, electronics and what not. The vehicle that we transport it in is handled by a skilled professional who is trained through New wave driving school and has undergone an extensive HGV training.

Management of documentation and records

There are no businesses without paperwork. We have trained our moving team to pack your documentation or records exactly the way there were set. We believe that it is all about organising everything to perfection. We make sure that no records are lost and that we hand over them to you exactly the way that they should be.

Business storage space

So many times require you to take a break from your business or go through a transition. In such cases we offer our client’s business storage space which you can rent out in order to keep all the equipment and furniture safe and as good as new. Until you find a place to move your stuff, you can trust us completely with your valuables.

Moving of old homes, hospitals and asylums

Let these tricky moving processes be our headache while you just sit back and wait for your new settlement. Places such as hospitals and asylums have expensive machinery and equipment which should be kept safe at all costs. We send our most trusted drivers who are certified through new wave driving school to handle this task. These drivers go through extensive HGV training so they are skilled enough to transport your goods without causing any damage to anything.

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